Luca de Salvia

From being employed in house at Gucci Group in the days of Tom Ford, where he worked on advertising campaigns for YSL and Gucci, and having created Bottega Veneta’s brand image with Tomas Maier, he decided to set off on a freelance journey.

Luca’s work is the result of his passions and loves. Painting, cinema, photography, graphic design and sound, the results are new and unexpected.

His images are painted digitally on a tablet, they are impressionistic in the use of colour and texture, as well as they are abstract, there is a sense of freedom in applying large amounts of colour at random and then experimenting with trying to make sense of them.

Luca is interested in removing information from an image and letting the viewers’ brains connect the dots; he is interested in not showing rather than telling the entire story. He likes to think about his images as ‘unfinished’ and believes that a finished image is dead, whereas an ‘unfinished’ image is constantly evolving in people`s minds, therefore it is dynamic and alive.