Luca de Salvia

Visual artist Luca de Salvia started his artist journey as graphic designer and art director working mostly on fashion assignments, he worked for Gucci under the creative direction of Tom Ford, where he created advertising campaigns for YSL and Gucci, and having designed Bottega Veneta brand image with Thomas Meier, he decided to set off on a freelance journey. 

After nearly two decades of being an art director he took the decision to fulfill his lifelong ambition to become a visual artist and took a pause from the industry, he spent a year attending life drawing classes in Athens, and from that experience he started to take on fashion illustration assignments, collaborating with magazines such as Numéro, Zeit, Condé Nast Traveller, La Cucina Italiana and D. Repubblica and with brands like Ferrari, Four Seasons Hotels and Canali and more…

As well as working on commissioned illustration and animations Luca is constantly working on his artistic expression, trying new media experimenting with new ideas, he moves freely between digital media and traditional painting techniques.