Aymeric was born into a family of designers and was raised for a part of his childhood in Morroco. After completing an MBA in France he lived abroad in Shanghai, Moscow and New York City – all cities he continues to pull inspiration from. 

Aymeric has a very innovative, ingenious and sociable personality and he is surrounded by professionals such as Aurelien Geneix, his construction manager who has 25 years of experiences in cinema.

Magazines: SSAW, CAP74024, Numéro NL, Vogue.it, Marie Claire Italia, Madame Figaro, Jane Magazine, Icon Magazine, Schön, Magazine, Elle Russia, Les Hommes Publics, Metal Magazine.

Clients: Nike, Cointreau, Paris Saint-Germain, Lancôme, Netflix, Sprandi, Monceau Fleurs, Nokia, Renault.