Thomas Goldblum

What is your signature?

I am always looking for something strong, honest, humble and quiet, with touch of melancholy in the same time, keeping my vision of elegance and beauty.

Which picture made you think you were going to be a professional photographer?

It wasn’t a picture actually... I would say that Peter Lindbergh’s work made the stone rolling and made me abandon everything in Switzerland. I moved to Paris and wanted to become a photographer.

The shooting you will never forget ?

There is a lot of them... and honestly I can’t say that this or this shooting I will never forget, but there is a few on which I had magical moments that made me feel happy... even physically I had goosebumps... it's hard to describe the flow and the harmony of the moment when you realize that pictures gonna be amazing.

What inspires you ?

People, attitudes, nature, light, emotions, fragility, shadow...

What is the key of a successfull shooting ?

For me like for evry artistic works, there is no key... Organisation, good team, kidness and respect are the keys of a successful shooting.

Anything new going on ?

surprise... :)

Thomas Goldblum worked with:

Magazines :Hercules, Dapper Dan, Vogue Hommes, Telegraph, Time, Wallpaper, The Greatest, WWD, Officiel Hommes, Esquire, Essential Hommes, Beautypaper, Funnytaste

Clients :Thom Browne, Eden Park, Drawer, Bourriennes X, Byredo.

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