Taghi Naderzad

What is your signature?

Showing humanity, that's my main and only concern. I can't relate to any work at any level that doesnt have this as its major component. Avedon spoke of taking a photograph that a stranger recognizes : that sums it up! That's where I hope the weight in my work comes.

Which picture made you think you were going to be a professional photographer?

Whith my first portrait : I knew right away that it will be my future life!

The shooting you will never forget ?

I think shooting Jeremy Piven in L.A for In Style US was very memorable; He was doing really well with Entourage, and he does a little dance on that show that I love; He wouldn't do it on camera, and obviously he's got a big high energy personality, but I had even more energy than him, and I pushed the guy really hard, we put the right music, he let loose, and we all had a blast. What a character! It is hard to focus a camera when you're laughing so hard though.

What inspires you ?

A level of humanity that I find universal, whether when looking at a great building, any work of art, or in some random person's gaze in the middle of the street.

What is the key of a successfull shooting ?

To not overdoing things, set up all your usual tools, and let the work unfold on its own without pressing too hard. One has to create a relaxed, safe place, especially with a celebrity, where they can let loose and feel confident. In fashion , the atmosphere has to be fun . A good team (models, stylist, hair and make up artists) and an effective lighting represent 99% of the finitshed image's integrity.

Anything new going on ?

Always working on my boxing project, about the sport helping young people stay away from the streets in New York's tough neighborhoods. Hopefully a book soon!

Taghi Naderzad worked with:

Magazines :V magazine, GQ US, GQ France, Esquire US, Flaunt, Instyle US, Instyle UK, Allure US, Complex US, Stylist UK and D La Repubblica.

Stylistes : Melanie Ward, Marine Chaumien, Lara Backmender, Deborah Afshani, Brian Coats, Laure Orset, Tom Van Dorpe and Stéphanie Brissay.

Advertising : Nili Lotan, Nike, American Express, Macys, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom's, Arbol, Boden, Ovadia and Sons.