"I am always in a good mood and full of energy. All these ingredients make a good image. And a good image makes everyone happy!"
Sabine Villiard

What is your signature?

Fresh, spontaneous, witty, expressive and sophisticated at the same time.

How did you become a professional photographer?

Photography is my Dad’s hobby. I always wanted to do like him and at a very early age I had a camera in my hands and would develop and print my images. It became not only my passion but a real obsession. I used to take pictures of my dolls and cat and create a scenery. Then I started taking pictures of my friends. I would dress them up, put make up on them, tell them how to pose and make them do the craziest things ! I would then spend the whole night in the dark room. The whole process was obvious to me. So I went knocking at doors and I started shooting models with real teams (stylist, hair and make up artists). Till today I cannot imagine myself not living with photography.

The shooting you will never forget ?

So many shoots were wonderful and I will never forget them ! So many great teams , great locations, wonderful people. Here is one story among so many : we were shooting at night in le Marais in Paris. It was freezing cold. The streets were empty. we had no authorization and I decided to seat the model in a chair in the middle of the street. Just at the same time the police came. Their lights were bright and looked good on the model. So I was telling the model not to move in the middle of the street. A police man got out of the van, walked straight towards me and asked for my camera and film. Luckily the shot was done and I had changed the back of the camera without no one noticing it! So I followed him and got in his van quite pleased with myself!

What inspires you ?

Art in general, exhibitions, nature, people .. and positive thinking !

What is the key of a successfull shooting ?

Having a good team, people who enjoy what they are doing, and being in a good vibe surrounded by good vibes! I am always in a good mood and full of energy. All these ingredients make a good image. And a good image makes everyone happy!

Anything new going on ?

I am preparing a personal work. an exhibition should be planed I guess in a year. Also I started doing some movies.

Sabine Villiard worked with:

Magazines : Elle international, ES magazine UK, Stylist UK, Flair Germany, Madame Figaro, L’Officiel : France

Stylistes :...

Advertising : Armani Eye Wear, Armani Couture, Chantelle, Simple, Botanics, Uriage, William Expert, Philips, Boticario, Lynx