"My second year project working with gypsies made me realise that being a war photographer was a really bad idea".
Graeme Montgomery

What is your signature?

Clean, modern, graphic but sexy, funny, sometimes dark and a little irreverent.

Which picture made you think you were going to be a professional photographer?

Not a picture but fate. One rainy day when I was aged 12 I picked up a "how to" photography book that my big brother had been given. I begged my mum for her old box brownie. I was hooked. Darkroom in the cupboard, sports photographer at school, I took over the school magazine and wanted to be a photojournalist and headed to college dreaming of being a war photographer and working for the Sunday Times. My second year project working with gypsies made me realise that being a war photographer was a really bad idea. I left college shooting portraits and blessed with naively shot my first picture for the Sunday Times age 23. Age 24 I fulfilled my ambition of shooting a cover … bizarrely an artists wooden mannequin doing a press up. I’d discovered my love for creating pictures from nothing using light mad whatever I could lay my hands on.

The shooting you will never forget ?

Being flown round the USA in a private jet to take pictures of cheap jewellery stores covered in 50% OFF stickers, being left alone with out my chaperone in a room stacked floor to ceiling with 25 armed missiles, watching the rope break that was towing a girl standing on a floating mirror half a mile off the coast of Cyprus, the 500 gallon tank of water crashing to the floor of the studio when the trestles broke, the shoot where one of the security guards stole another clients ring, covering half of Bond street with black drapes only to have to stop shooting because somebody was going to throw themselves off a neighbouring roof, bumping Bruce Webber from a location and watching him have to shoot across the street, the $90 Million ring, … the dull life of a still life photographer.

What inspires you ?

Everything around me. The world is overwhelmed with strong imagery. The hard thing now is to filter out what is authentic.

What is the key of a successfull shooting ?

Loving what I do, understanding what a client or agency wants and trying to give them more, having a load of experience but always trying to push boundaries.

Anything new going on ?

I’ve just finished editing a TV comedy pilot show “The Angry Gardener” and I’m very excited to have launched Gramco.studio (my diffusion line) working in collaboration with some younger photographers to produce really dynamic and exciting social media content.

Graeme Montgomery worked with:

Magazines :Vogue Japan, Vogue China, Amica (Italy), French Magazine, Love Magazine and The Sunday Times Style

Advertising :Christian Dior, Prada, Joop, Juicy Couture, Burberry, Dunhill, Dolce & Gabbana, Faberge, Graff, Olay, Dove, New Balance, Ray-Ban, Coca-Cola, Hewlett Packard, LG, Mont Blanc, Cadbury & Peugeot. His beauty pictures have twice won Jasmin awards.