« Most importantly my plan is to continue to have fun with what I do. »
Barbara Donninelli

What is your signature?

My still life images aren’t traditional, they are quite excentric. I recently started adding animations using different techniques of multi media that help me bringing to life very complex movements.

Which picture made you think you were going to be a professional photographer?

I started getting familiar with photography and the prints medium while I was studying at St Martins School in London. I like the creative process that goes from the idea of the storyboard to the actual making of the shooting. I don’t really remember a specific picture but I have always been influenced by Pop Art, by artists like David Hockney, Allen Jones, Dorothy Iannone, Tom Wesselmann, Evelyne Axelle..

The shooting you will never forget ?

I was asked to work on a video for the launch of Rodin Olio Lusso new fragrance, Bis. This fragrance was dedicated to the mother of Olio Lusso founder, Linda Rodin. This was an intensely personal and emotional project for Linda. I had the pleasure to work closely with Linda, and had access to years of truly incredible Super 8 footage, taken by her father in the 50s. I was then asked to create new footage to go with the old, to show the new fragrance. It was a very emotional project for everyone involved, and I felt incredibly privileged to be part of this.

What inspires you ?

Everything : music, art, design..

What is the key of a successfull shooting ?

A happy team, lively images and a happy client.

Anything new going on ?

I'm hoping integrate my still work with my motion work more and more, I'll be introducing new multi media techniques in the next few months.I have just started offering more creative direction, which I really enjoy and hope to do more of. Most importantly my plan is to continue to have fun with what I do.

Barbara Donninelli worked with:

Magazines :Vogue China, Vogue Gioiello, Vogue Nippon, Vogue UK, Wonderland,Bon, D La Repubblica, Demo, H, Harpers Bazaar UK, I-D, Kite, Marie-Claire US, L'Officiel de la Mode, Tatler Russia, Very Elle.

Advertising :Agent Provocateur, Baccarat, Bath & Body Works, Bergdorf Goodman, Burberry, Galeries Lafayette, Harvey Nichols, Hermes, Kate Spade, Liberty, Nokia, Replay, Rodin Olio Lusso , Salvatore Ferragamo, Swarovski, The Bodyshop, Topshop, Vans.